Technics Turntables


Technics Turntables

Never Ending Pursuit of the Definitive Sound.

The dynamics of lively music, the breathtaking silence and tension of musical performances. The energy of instrumentalists, and the inspiration of the singer’s voice. Technics will never stop striving to reach the definitive essence of music.

In order to achieve the ‘Technics Sound’, they have established internal rules that push and challenge them every step of the way. Dedicated audio specialists are involved in a stringent development process that includes a sound committee performing rigorous sound assessments, step-by-step quality assurance checks and numerous physical performance evaluations. Furthermore, they select the best materials for creating the optimal sound. Only when all of these requirements have been met can the uniquely inspirational ‘Technics Sound’ emerge. In order to achieve this, there will be no compromise, ever.

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